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Wood Veneering

History until NOW

Veneers have been used in woodworking for more than 5,500 years. It started way back from the Egyptians era. Fine woods of interesting and contrasting figure had to be transported great distances, making them scarce.  Cutting the wood into thin layers enabled it to cover more surface area. 

As technology progressed, it become possible to produce quality veneers with even thickness.  Veneer becomes more viable with the conserve of precious tropical lumber.

Visual aesthetics of real wood grain is the upmost  importance in every design.  Veneers make possible to have combinations of different wood in an infinite number of ways, regardless of grain direction.  

Veneering Styles

There are numerous styles to do wood veneering. 

In addition to parquetry and marquetry, veneering can be in book-matching, four-way matching, herringbone matching and radial (sunburst) matching. 

The ultimate purpose of veneering is to create an art piece, with the combination of different wood and present them in harmonious manner.

vply wood veneer wall design art
vply wood veneer table malaysia

Trend Vs Taste

Trend reflects the population of certain designs for a period of time. But, finding one that suits YOUR personal taste in more important.  


Every design deserves the value for it's creation.  However, individual's appreciation is subjective. 

Wood veneering will remain to evolve for the satisfaction of wood arts creation.


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