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Wood Decors & Lifestyle Products 

vply wooden clock

Wood - the connects to Nature

Wood is the traditional and classic material for home decor. It will never go out of style and is a favorite of many. It's light, eco-friendly, and gives your room a warm and welcoming look.


Application of wood in expensive hard outfit is not the only option for interior wood decoration. High value-added small wood decoration can do the same wonders by improving any indoor atmosphere.


Our modern society lifestyle is exhausting nowadays mainly because of our disconnection from the nature.

Inside our built environment, the direct experience of nature refers to actual contact with natural light, air, plants, animals water and landscapes.


While indirect experience of nature, refers to contact with representation of nature including pictures, artwork and natural wood furnishing.

Emphasizing the feeling of nature inside buildings through the use of natural

materials such as wood enhances physical and mental health, therefore promotes well being.  People feels comfortable and find calmness in space covered with wood surfaces.

VOODZ Decors and Lifestyle products

You will be amazed by how natural and beautiful wooden products are.  You can find a wide range of wooden wall decors, clocks, fashionable bags, organizers from our VoodZkraf store.  Our products are not only beautiful but also organic and sustainable.

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