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How to select wood veneer for interior design?

Here are some tips that you probably should not missed out.

Wood Character

The rich characteristic of natural wood itself is sufficient to fuse up different spaces.   The use of light tone wood with soft natural texture connects people to peaceful relaxation. On the contrary, if people want a home atmosphere with subtle charms and scholarly elegance, some dark tone wood possibly fits in picture.

With a certain cognitive, we can flexibly choose the wood choices according to our sensory and mental demands.  Wood is an element that can be matched to metal, glass and stone in harmonious result.  


Visit showroom to view wood varieties.  Ask for details and inspect from stock prior to your purchase confirmation.



The price of natural wood differs among species and grades .  For example, commonly found Oak and Walnut will cost way cheaper than the exotic Palisanders and Burls due to their difference in availability and scarcity.  

One common pitfall on the budget issue is the exaggerated price factor.  Let us elaborate further on this with the below example.


Assuming Oak veneer board material is at RM 5 per square feet while Oak Burl veneer board material is 10 times higher with the value of RM 50 per square feet.  By upgrading the veneer materials, one would have thought, that would get a result of 10 times higher in the cost.


Is this true?  Not Quite.  Why?  

For example, The built in wall paneling works is at RM 15,000 with 100 square feets covering area by using Oak veneer board.   Due to the upgrading of veneer materials,  100 square feets x RM 45 = RM 4,500 is the top up amount, bringing new total to RM 19,500.  


From RM 15,000 to RM 19,500 is an increment of 30% cost increment, rather than the first impression of 10 times higher in the cost as we thought with the upgrading from RM 5 to RM 50. 

Therefore ,  plan your budget strategically.  You will find the facts that actually your project can afford to use wood choices beyond your imagination.  

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