Not quite sure on how to start with your selection?

Here are some tips that you probably should not missed out.

Wood Character

Natural wood is best matched to elements of metal, glass and stone for harmonious

and balance results.   Have a look at your colour scheme and design theme, pre-select those wood that fits your tone.  Second, study carefully on the character grain of every wood in order to make complete comparisons. 


Visit showroom to view wood in larger scale and seek clarifications and advice on your concerns.



The price of natural wood differs among species and grades .  For example, commonly found Oak and Walnut will cost way cheaper than the exotic Palisanders and Burls due to their availability.  

One common pitfall on the budget issue is the exaggerated price factor.  Let us elaborate further on this with the below example.

Oak veneer is at RM 5 per square feet while Oak Burl veneer is 10 times higher in value at RM 50 per square feet.


The misconception happens immediately that one has to used 10 times the money in order to afford  higher end materials.  Really?


Based on tabulation, total wood veneer surface coverage area is 100 square feets.  The carpentry works total is at RM 10,000 with Oak veneer to be in used.  Question is now on how much would be the top up for Oak Burl and how big is this cost influence?


Oak veneer RM 5 x 100 square feets = RM 500

Oak Burl RM 50 x 100 square feets = RM 5000

Top up would be RM 4,500  and making the total cost now to RM 14,500.  From RM 10,000 to RM 14,500 is an increment of 45% and not 10 times as we initially thought.

Therefore ,  work out your area immediately.  You will notice wood choices are wide open up now with facts that many actually is within our affordability.