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Real VS Fake Wood Grain

vply premium wood veneer

Natural Grain


Wood veneer is the thin layer of 100% wood sheet sliced from  timber.   Advanced slicing technique has enabled the  production of interesting wood grain out from the beautiful wood.   Veneer has become more viable with the conserve of precious lumber.  The art of Wood Veneering combines different veneer   in an infinite number of ways, regardless of grain direction.

However, you must beware of cheap grade super thin wood veneer in the market.  These low grade veneers do not pass the minimum requirement by standard production of veneer.  Wood veneer thickness is technically measurable by using a caliper. You may request a check on this from us on your next visit. 

Super-thin veneer would not give you the necessary wood density and durability that your BESPOKE furniture entitles.  Get help and assistance from trusted professional sellers when you order any interiors wood panels, cabinets and furniture.   

Wooden Planks

Natural Grain


Solid timber is 100% pure wood.   This material is strong enough to satisfy all furniture applications. However, cost and varieties  are the main concern when this material comes into consideration.  

In Malaysia, locally sourced timbers are limited by wood tones and grain variations.  For imported solid timber, cost is ridiculously high therefore causing limits in it's population for furniture production.


Reconstituted veneer

Artificial Grain



Recon (RC) veneer is an engineered  wood sheet sliced from laminated or compressed veneers lumber.  Mostly, wood grain is in linear pattern.  Colour is added to dye the engineered veneer during production process for tone equalization. 

Due to it's uniformity in pattern and colour, reconstituted veneer is commonly used in design where bulk consistency is required.   Quality of the reconstitute veneer would reflects in the pricing with places of the manufacturer.


HPL sides

Artificial Grain


High Pressure Laminate or HPL, is composed of a resin impregnated kraft paper, Wood  Grain Printed paper and a clear melamine overlay. These sheets are bonded at high pressures and temperatures.  Some HPL has special performances towards chemical, fire and water resistance.  They are practical materials in the areas where durability is a must consideration.

Wood grain patterns would see repetition in volumes.  As a result of the melamine overlay,  it looks plastic and lack the warmth features of wood.  While paying attention to the edges of furniture, you'll notice fine line joint gaps in parts of furniture.  

The hardiness of this material is known for it's durability but question falls back to whether this is bio-degradable  should this material is no longer in use. 


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