Wood in Decoration

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Wood - the connects to Nature

Our modern society lifestyle is exhausting nowadays mainly because of our disconnection from the nature.

Inside our built environment, the direct experience of nature refers to actual contact with natural light, air, plants, animals water and landscapes.


While indirect experience of nature, refers to contact with representation of nature including pictures, artwork and natural wood furnishing.

Emphasizing the feeling of nature inside buildings through the use of natural

materials such as wood enhances physical and mental health, therefore promotes well being.  People feels comfortable in space covered with wood surfaces.

Laval University did one study on the impact of indoor use of wood on the quality of interior ambiance. There are some conclusions that the increasing wooden surfaces in the space do decreased both the contrast and the harsh shadows while increasing the brightness and luminescence values.  However, types of wood and finishes may affect the effects on visual perception.

VOODZ Decors

Application of wood in expensive hard outfit is not the only option for interior wood decoration.   High value-added small wood decoration can do the same wonders by improving any indoor atmosphere. 

For example, we can beautify the interior wall space with the strategic placement of VOODZ Decor to add some charm to our living. Most of the time, the rich characteristic of the wood itself is sufficient to fuse up spaces. 

The use of light tone wood with soft natural texture connects people to peaceful relaxation. On the contrary, if people want a home atmosphere with subtle charms and scholarly elegance, some dark tone wood possibly fits in picture. With a certain cognitive, we can flexibly choose the wood choices according to our sensory and mental demands. 

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