Wood Caring Tips

Dry Clean Cloth

For wood item with lacquer finishing, just wipe with dry clean cloth for light dusting.

Use Coaster

Prevent water from forming white ring stain to wood surfaces.

Touch Up Coatings

Occasionally touch up you wood surfaces with application of wood wax polishes. 

 Wet First Dry Later

If you've to wipe with wet cloth, buff next with dry cloth to pick up extra moisture.

Baking Soda Paste

Mild baking soda paste helps  to remove dirt and brighten up wood.

Avoid Paint Drops

Paint residue removing will harm wood  coatings.  Best is to start painting when wood is covered.

Use Soft Brush

Soft brush is a handy tool to dust coarse surface or raw wood.

Avoid Sharp Objects

Key is one of the common item that  caused unpleasant scratches.

Avoid Harsh Chemical

Only use cleaning solution that is dedicated for wood delicate.

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