Say "Yes" to the genuine wood veneer 

Natural Wood Grain is UNIQUE

In the real world, human and timber are alike, we own our identities with differences.  Duplication and uniformity signified the characters of artificial.  Therefore, it is important for you to know how to tell the differences among wood grain materials.

Wood Veneer is SUSTAINABLE

Wood veneer  is a substance with 100% wood property nature.  It refers to the thin layer wood sheet which is sliced from lumber.  As an alternative to lumber,  wood veneer is higher in sustainability from the perspective of timber resources utilization.    

Vply PREMIUM Veneer

Our veneer is imported directly from Germany's Fritz Kohl GmbH & Co.  Their expertise in wood veneer production (FURNIERWERK) has passed generations.  All remarkable wood veneering arts created by Vply, are born with these premium quality wood veneer. 


From wall paneling, built-in cabinetry to high end furniture,  the aesthetic presence of wood grain are felt.  As the saying , WOOD is calm in the appeals but will deliver warm to your heart.

Premium Veneer
For Interior Built-In 

The making of seamless wall paneling is many designers' preferred practice.   This idea is to sync the entire space in minimal and modern contemporary interior design.   This design allows designer to accommodate all storages and doors in one harmony manner.  

Choice of wood is subjected to one's preferred taste, budget and acceptance.  Bold character grain wood usually has wider responses due to their authentic and profound aesthetic features.  

vply modern home wood veneer wall design malaysia
wood veneer wall design
vply modern home design wood veneer wall design malaysiapan
vply modern home wood veneer wall design malaysia
wood veneer Minimalistic Bedroom
Wood veneer Modern Living Room furniture

Premium Veneer 
For Lifestyle    

Besides interior design decoration,   it's common too for designers to apply wood veneer in lifestyle products development.   With the combinations of wood veneering and laser, the creation of interesting consumer products are made possible.  Beautiful natural wood grain and lighter in weight with comparison to solid timber.      

vply laser.png




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